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Since you’re here, you’ll already be well aware that our future is going to revolve, in part, around our existence in the metaverse. Therefore, it is quite natural for the question “How exactly is this going to happen?” to pop-up. We are a small and dedicated team of metaverse nerds here, therefore, the answer to this bedrock question is simple - You enter the metaverse through metaverse headsets! Read More
We have gathered the items that will allow you to appropriately structure your metaverse foundations and allow you to enter the metaverse with ease and style. Thanks to our friendly-built guide and finely selected list of all worthy gear, we are sure you’ll find your perfect fit. Collapse

What is a metaverse headset?

The very first step you must take to enter the metaverse is having the proper gear. “Metaverse gear” itself contains few independent particles. However, the hero role here is to be awarded to the metaverse headsets!

These specialized headsets are the metaverse gear that covers your head, providing optical and aural stimulation. This is what we consider the most vital step in easily switching realities. The current headsets tend to cover half of your face, focusing on full coverage of your eyes. Most companies have built headsets which are compatible with standard glasses.

Now, there are a few main categories of headsets. They could be either:

  • With or without earplugs (always including some aural component)
  • For consoles etc. and/or directly applicable with a smartphone.

Whichever you choose to start with, be prepared for an entirely new experience and the bittersweet shock of the fast transference of realities. We prefer to call it a “first entrance excitement” since it is truly like nothing you will ever have experienced!

Top 5 Headsets

CompanyModelPriceOperating SystemConnectivityOfficial Website
CUH-ZVR2$399PlayStation VRHDMI, USBVisit Website
CompanyModelPriceOperating SystemConnectivityOfficial Website
Oculus Quest 2$399Oculus VR, Android-basedHDMI, Wi-FiVisit Website
CompanyModelPriceOperating SystemConnectivityOfficial Website
Valve Index VR$605Windows, SteamOS, LinuxDisplay Port 1.2, USB 3.0 expansion portVisit Website
CompanyModelPriceOperating SystemConnectivityOfficial Website
HTC VIVE Pro 2$799Windows, SteamOS, LinuxBluetooth, USB-C port, USB 3.0Visit Website
CompanyModelPriceOperating SystemConnectivityOfficial Website
HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite$549Windows, VIVE Reality PlatformDisplay Port 1.2, USB 3.0Visit Website

How to choose the Metaverse headset that fits you?

When you are going to be part of the Metaverse, you will need a good headset, right? But how to choose the right headset that will fit you?

Obviously first and foremost is to get a headset with the correct technical aspects for your needs. You must be careful when buying a headset; ‘placeholder’ tech never lasts beyond the first use, and you’ll start looking to spend more money right away.

Some of the most important technical specifications that you will need to consider are weight, battery life (if they are Wi-Fi), or cable length (if they are not wirelessly connected), and of course the sound quality.

Headset Tech Specs

Here are some of the most applicable tech specs that you should consider when purchasing. Consider carefully what you’ll need for your usage and check out our summary below.

Display: OLED
Resolution: 1920 x RGB x 1080
Refresh Rate: 90hz, 120hz
Field of View: 100 degrees
Weight: Approximately 900g

Display: LCD
Resolution: 1920 x RGB x 1832
Refresh Rate: 120hz
Memory: 6GB
Weight: Approximately 503g

Display: LCD 
Resolution: 1440 x RGB x 1600
Refresh Rate: 80hz, 90hz, 120hz and 144hz
Field of View: 130 degrees
Weight: Approximately 809g

Display: LCD
Resolution: 2448 x RGB x 2448 (4896 x 2448 combined)
Refresh Rate: 120hz
Field of View: 120 degrees
Weight: Approximately 850g

Display: LCD
Resolution: 1440 x RGB x 1700 (2880 x 1700 combined)
Refresh Rate: 90hz
Field of View: 110 degrees

Metaverse Headsets Marketplace

Virtual reality evolves exponentially. New metaverses are going to be created with unique features, so different hardware set ups might be needed for you to experience and enjoy their full potential. You will be able to find the best options for your needs from our metaverse headset marketplace.

Buy Headsets

You will be able to find and filter among a wide variety of hardware configurations applicable for the technical requirements of the existing metaverses.

Many of our partner can facilitate crypto payments.

Buy Headsets Without Cash

We know that most premium headset brands require a lot of investment, so our financial partners can provide you with a fast loan at preferential rates, so now you can have your headset, start playing and pay it off later.

Rent Headsets

If you just want to enjoy and spend your holiday or lock-down period in the metaverse, you are also able to rent some of the available virtual headsets and to return them whenever you choose.

Sell Headsets

You can place your own headset for sale on the market at the price of your choice.

And by doing so we will give you a 5% discount for your next purchase of a new virtual headset from our marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Metaverse headsets (aka Virtual reality (VR) headsets):

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